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New Location Coming Soon!

1 Blue & 1 Red Honda Coupe & 1 BMW X5 coming this tax season. Other popular brands coming too! Get your cash ready now! 

Not Your Average Used Car Dealer

Popular brands we offer

We stock some of the most popular 

vehicle brands such as: 


Lexus/Toyota/Honda/Mercedes-Benz/BMW/Volvo/Ford, GMC & Toyota Trucks.    


If you are strapped for cash and in need of a used car, see us first so we can help you in making the most economical used car purchase you will ever make in your life! We know that brands sell, and we make sure we keep the most popular brands in stock--just for you!

If you are seeking a pick-up truck for work purposes, then we suggest a Toyota or Dodge. You can get the most miles out of one of those brands. Looking for a sedan, then Honda Accords and Civics as well as Toyota Camry's are sure to allow you to ride in style, have low maintenance costs, and get you the most miles without breaking completely down on you. 

We specialize in customer-demand selling

We have built our clientele by making customers priority. How, do you ask? We do not push cars in our inventory on customers looking to buy a dependable, used car. We ask the customer what kind of car they are looking to buy and what they are willing to pay for a specific car they may have in mind. We then make the purchase at the auction and sell it directly to the customer, upon request. That is how we do business and what makes us a more superior used car dealer. 

*Please note, that a cash deposit must be received upfront before we buy on "special-order" from the auction. It lets us know just how serious you are about buying a car from us. 

Our promise to you: we make sure the "special-order" is perfect before we allow you to drive if off of the lot. We do simple maintenance, detail, and in some cases, minor to major car repair. Safety and excellent customer service is our #1 priority!

Our Cash Purchase Program Guarantee

We do not finance because financing something cheap over an extended period of time means you end up paying much more in interest and fees over time. We offer the best cash deals, hands-down, and we have experience selling cars online with a very happy customer base. We have sold cars to customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas, and can assure you that the deals were unbeatable, which is why they chose to do business with us (online) instead of a local dealer. Shop with us first and then visit another dealer and make your own price-comparison. We will not be beat on price and quality of cars offered!

What kind of car can you buy with $5,000 cash? 

Answer:  Here at onlinecashcars.com, you may be able to purchase a 2010 or older vehicle, depending on the brand, mileage, and other factors. Just check back with us before rushing out and getting yourself into a bad finance deal.